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There are six general types of chemical reaction and there are many more ways you can collaborate with Paula
Levin. She’s the founder and “lead experimentalist” of The LAB, a creative writing laboratory where students
to pursue their interests, find their voices, and tell their stories. Underlying her work is a spirit of exploration, experimentation, and invention. Mad Science Supply & Surplus, a quirky pop-up shop, draws attention to and generates revenue for The LAB.

Located at 5125 Penn Avenue, The LAB shares space with Assemble. “We chose Garfield because there are so many families nearby,” says Paula, “as well as a lot of creativity and activity along the Arts Corridor.” The LAB offers weekly homework help sessions and an assortment of creative workshops for kids.

“BGC has been a great resource for us,” she says. “We’ve hosted workshops and volunteer trainings at the Community Activity Center when we needed extra space.” Originally from Chicago, Paula began developing The LAB as part of her Masters program at CMU. In spring of 2012, the project received a Sprout Fund Microspark and Paula was awarded CMU’s Lewis Fellowship in Social Innovation.