Our Mission


Combating Racial Injustice

We at the BGC stand with all in our community, in the face of murder and injustice.

We stand with you, and all who are demonstrating their unhappiness with the status quo.

For nearly 45 years, the BGC has been an agent for change in our neighborhoods, serving as a catalyst for affordable housing, youth education, better employment opportunities, business development, and social justice.

But in these past two weeks, we mourn. We look inward and ask ourselves painful questions about what we could do better. In the wake of tragedies like the murders of George Floyd, Antwon Rose II, and Jonny Gammage, we need to see change – change that will have both the police and the rest of American society placing a higher value on the well-being of the Black Community.

We stand in resolute support of those who have been protesting to bring justice to the actions of law enforcement agencies. We stand with Black Lives Matter and endorse their bold goals for a better America. We call upon Mayor Peduto and Pittsburgh City Council to revamp our police bureau to prevent the excessive use of force by its officers in the future, and to toughen independent investigations of all charges of official oppression or misconduct.

Our community is actively working towards the changes that we need. We are proud of what our neighbors have been able to accomplish. Let us know what we can do to support the efforts of reformers everywhere.

We’re here for you.


Technology/Wi-Fi Survey

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation and Assemble are working to expand Garfield residents’ access to computers and Wi-Fi. We want to get an idea of what people already have, and what they need, before reaching out to organizations that can connect local residents with free computers. Fill out the Garfield Tech/Wi-Fi Survey today.



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Garfield Community Survey

ATTN: Garfield residents, we’d love to hear from you! Please consider submitting your responses to the Garfield Community Survey. The BGC is polling residents to gather feedback on public safety issues, as well as future plans for the neighborhood’s “Green Zone” (trails/parks management). We also want to hear from local youths, so we’re encouraging them to fill out the Garfield kids’ survey. Please feel free to share these surveys with your neighbors!


The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC) exists to improve the quality of life for all in Garfield and surrounding neighborhoods through active community engagement. Community-based and board-driven, one of the BGC’s main goals is to get as many people in the community as possible to participate in the efforts aimed at physical revitalization, an improved economy and strengthened social well-being.

Board meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of every month, at the BGC Community Activity Center (113 N. Pacific Ave.), and are open to the public.

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Click here to learn more about youth employment opportunities like the Pittsburgh Learn & Earn Summer Youth Employment Program and the College & Career Readiness Program.


Our 2019 Annual Report to Members is now available. Read about our efforts in youth development, affordable housing, public safety, green zoning, commercial revitalization, and more!

The Western PA Conservancy and Evolve Architecture have completed their report on open spaces in the upper part of Garfield, inventorying the sites and assessing their relative condition. This report also contains input from members of the public who attended several community meetings. View the Green Zone Report here.

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