The Garfield Green Zone is a 4.5 mile stretch of contiguous green space in Garfield that BGC is strengthening and protecting as part of the neighborhood’s bold vision for environmental justice. We will engage students in our proprietary curriculum focused on civic engagement and environmental stewardship, and in hands-on workshops related to gardening, horticulture, and urban agriculture.

Right now, BGC wants to realize its vision for a Greenzone to make Garfield a healthier place to live, with better walking paths, bike trails and open spaces for outdoor recreation.  The zone includes 30 acres of green and undeveloped property.  It loops around Hillcrest street, including former Healcrest Urban Farm, Fort Pitt Field, Garfield Community Farm, and Kite Hill Park.

There is fresh energy today to secure outdoor areas in Garfield for all residents to enjoy. City planning has hired a consultant to work with neighborhood stakeholders to create a plan for enhancement and improvements to Fort Pitt Ballfield and Park. The BGC is working with Allegheny Land Trust to retain Healcrest Farm as a neighborhood green space. The BGC is also helping Garfield Community Farm with the acquisition of the last few parcels coming to it through the city’s Vacant Property Reserve. The farm was only able to lease these lots previously from the city.