You’ll find all of our offices at:

113 North Pacific Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Rick Swartz, Executive Director:; ext. 111

Pamela Schön, Chief Operations Officer:; ext. 121

Carlee Benhart Kukula, Community Engagement & Planning Specialist: ext. 117

Paris Wright, Employment Center/Resource Coordinator:; ext. 114

Jory Strothers, ENEC Program Assistant:; ext. 118

Andrew McKeon, Bulletin Editor/Comm. & Marketing Manager:; ext. 113

Judy Lubarski, Youth Program Coordinator:; ext. 125

Julia Beadnell, Youth Program Coordinator:; ext. 124

Madeline Weiss, Garfield Greenzone Coordinator:; ext. 115

Kuwame Kinsel, Greenzone, Public Safety Outreach & Garfield Night Market Manager:; ext 112

Interested in renting the Activity Center for an event?

Contact Rick Swartz at 412-441-6950 (ext. 111)