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The corner of Dearborn and North Pacific has undergone a transformation from an easily forgettable corner to one of the most impressive displays of landscaping in Garfield. In just a short time, the Nguyen family, owners of 116 N. Pacific Avenue, have worked tirelessly on creating a neighborhood oasis. The Nguyens’ garden, which contains both flowers and vegetables, is more then just a residential garden; it is a garden with a mission to promote community, environmental living, and beauty in the neighborhood.  Kim Hoa and Thong Nguyen have lived in Garfield for more than 20 years. Over time, they have collected materials with hopes that one day they would be able to create their garden. The majority of the materials used are recycled. But the family is not keeping this garden to themselves; they share the fruits of their labor with the community. “We share what we grow with our neighbors; it is too much food for just us,” explained Kim Hoa. “We also like to invite people over so that they can also enjoy the garden and we get to know our neighbors.”