Founded in 1975, The Bulletin is one of the few remaining community newspapers in the city. In addition to covering the incorporated territory of the BGC, the paper also reports on Friendship, Lawrenceville, Stanton Heights, and East Liberty. Click here to read the current issue!

The BGC publishes The Bulletin to inform the community about news, events, people, and initiatives in our neighborhoods. Not just a newsletter trumpeting our own accomplishments, The Bulletin covers a broad range of issues affecting our neighborhoods and has become a powerful tool for social change and community empowerment in the East End.

This free monthly publication is mailed to 18,000 residents in the covered neighborhoods.  An additional 3,000 copies are available for pick-up at various businesses and organizations.  Our readers include community residents, business owners, government officials, local media, and community and neighborhood leaders. The Bulletin provides a targeted market for advertisers and community groups seeking to reach readers in the city’s East End.

By running a successful internship program in conjunction with local universities, The Bulletin also helps train a new generation of community journalists.