Based on the belief that a community is composed of more than just a business district, the Elm Street program expands the BGC’s revitalization efforts beyond Penn Avenue

This program works to revitalize Garfield’s easternmost residential district through initiatives beyond simply building or renovating housing.  A project manager works with the resident-based Elm Street Committee and Garfield Community Action Team to implement various projects, which include:

  • Elm Streets Façade Program, which funds 50% of façade renovations for district homeowners
  • Walks with a Purpose Club
  • “Love Your Block,” a beautification and clean-up program funded by the Mayor’s office
  • Restoration of a neglected playground known as “Kite Hill”

Some exciting initiatives made possible by the Elm Street Program are driven by the resident-based Elm Street Committee, the Garfield Community Action Team (GCAT). Some initiatives that they work on include: the Elm Street Façade Program, which will fund 50% of façade renovation for residents in the district; the Walks With a Purpose club; Love Your Block beautification and repairs; and, the Garfield Map Project.


For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact Nina Gibbs at Nina@bloomfield-garfield.org.