Garfield Night Market!

Are you partial to moonlit walks in the springtime? Do you enjoy browsing outdoor markets? Well, you’re in luck because the Garfield Night Market is here to satisfy your good-weather whimsy with some homemade foods and crafts tonight (5/1) on N. Pacific Ave. As part of the monthly Unblurred gallery crawl, the Garfield Night Market functions as a small-business incubator in a community-oriented environment; neighbors become vendors for the night by offering specialty goods to gallery crawlers in the pursuit of craftiness. To learn more about this ‘First Fridays’ event, visit  or follow the market on Facebook.

Garfield Night Market

4 thoughts on “Garfield Night Market!

  1. Hi my name is Keith Brockman And I own a hotdog cart and I wanted to join your Garfield night market and I wanted more info

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