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John Edgos, owner of BFG Café (Big Fat Greek) at 5335 Penn Avenue, poured his heart, soul, and plenty of concrete into renovating the casual eatery, which seats 50 people. Extensive build-out included renovating the walls, floors, ceiling, and exterior. With 35 years of experience in the restaurant business on Mt. Washington and the Southside, Edgos says he came to Garfield to be his own boss and to fully experience the up-and-coming atmosphere of the area. “This is the best neighborhood in Pittsburgh; it’s so family-oriented. People care about being close.” BFG serves everything from standard pizza and sandwich options to traditional Greek choices like baklava and gyros, and all the food is fresh and homemade. “Even our steak is hand-prepped,” Edgos asserts. “You won’t find Steak-umms here.”