Richard Swartz, Executive Director

Richard Swartz joined the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation in 1981 as a commercial district revitalization specialist, following graduate work in urban planning and public administration at the University of Pittsburgh.  By 1986, Swartz was overseeing all of the BGC’s program development efforts as its executive director.  He and his wife, Laura Swiss, have two children, Riza and Reuben.

Richard Swartz


Pamela Schön, Office Manager

Amber Epps, Chief Operations Officer

Andrew McKeon, Communications & Marketing Manager; Editor, The Bulletin

Nina Gibbs, Community Engagement & Planning Specialist

Jason Sauer, Volunteer & Events Coordinator



Richard Flanagan, Program Development & Compliance Manager

Danny Jackson, College & Career Program Coordinator

Jenni Walkup, College & Career Program Coordinator

gabriel gryffyn, College & Career Program Coordinator

Jennifer Ramsey, College & Career Program Coordinator

Nancy Walker, Afterschool Program Lead Coordinator

Karen Jueng, Afterschool Program Lead Coordinator

Courtney Cox, Afterschool Program Coordinator

Tina Weeden, Afterschool Program Coordinator

Danetta Bush, Afterschool Program Coordinator

Donald Moskiewski, Technology Assistance

Eileen Kraus-Dobratz, Bookkeeper/Invoice Specialist